Accurate Speed Detection

When we were discussing and planning how we were going to introduce the new manoeuvres to our training programme, it became clear, that accurate speed detection was going to be essential!!

How else could we be confident our students were above the minimum speed requirement of 50 kph (32mph)?

Students looking down at the Speedo during the hazard avoidance exercise and emergency stop would be guesswork at best.

More importantly this could and would be very dangerous!!

So we went out and bought our very own and very accurate speed gun.

Steve, one of our senior instructors and ex-policeman loves this thing, in fact, we can’t get it off him.

What he was like when he was on the force god only knows, but for this, he’s your man!!

Now for the tricky one, '19mph Bend, Hazard Avoidance & Controlled Stop'

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