The Chester & North Wales CBT Training Centre

What is CBT?

CBT or Compulsory Basic Training is a motorcycle training course that all learner moped and motorcycle riders must complete before they can legally ride on the road.

Compulsory Basic Training was introduced in 1990 to help reduce the accident rate amongst young and inexperienced motorcyclists. CBT is an enjoyable motorcycle training course - it's not a 'CBT Test' - and is usually completed over a single day.

What you need for CBT Training

You will need a full or provisional UK driving licence to book onto the Compulsory Basic Training course. You can either get a form from the post office and send it off, or apply online from here.

There is no need to have passed your theory test to complete CBT Training, we would however encourage everyone who books in to familiarise themselves with The Highway Code.

Remember the Highway Code contains the rules of the road and if you don’t know the rules how are you going you play the game safely?

What We Do

If you’re looking for CBT Training anywhere in Chester, North Wales or Wirral areas then look no further!

Probike have been delivering Compulsory Basic Training for thousands of happy customers in your area for more than 10 years.

Our friendly group of staff and Instructors are the most skilled and experienced CBT Training providers in your area, they are all Fully Qualified so you can relax knowing you're in safe hands here.

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What makes Compulsory Basic Training with us unique?

We have the largest off road CBT training and practice site you will find anywhere in the Chester, North Wales and the Wirral areas!

This space will give you a huge advantage during your CBT Training day – it’s not a ‘CBT Test’, it’s a training course – you will have the space, time and confidence to practice your riding skills in safety, well away from the public road. This makes us best placed to serve all your motorcycle training needs!

What you can expect?

ProBike provide CBT training for Chester, North Wales, Wirral and its surrounding areas. We are a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved Training Body and offer CBT Training in a safe environment, allowing you to:

  • Learn about Safety Helmets, Safety Equipment and Clothing
  • Understand your CBT machine and its controls
  • Acquire the skills for riding on the road
  • Develop the correct defensive motorcycling attitude to help keep you safe

Compulsory Basic Training can be undertaken on a 50cc moped (automatic) or a geared motorcycle up to 125cc.

At ProBike we provide you with quality new 50cc Mopeds and 125cc Motorcycles.

A CBT Training course for a MOPED is NOT REQUIRED provided that:-

  • You have a full moped licence gained by passing a full moped test after Dec 1st 1990
  • You already have a full motorcycle licence (Category A, A1 or A2)
  • Acquire the skills for riding on the road
  • You hold a full car licence (Category B) obtained prior to Feb 1st 2001

However, we strongly advocate that riders returning to two wheels after a few years or young riders upgrading seek professional tuition before they take to the road.

Following successful completion of your CBT course you will receive a DL196 Certificate; this will validate your licence and allow you to ride solo with “L” plates for a period of 2 years from the date of issue.

If you're looking for CBT anywhere around Chester, North Wales or Wirral then give us a call on 01244 822151 or go to our contact page and drop us a line.

Call ProBike MCT Now: 01244 822 151

Further Information About CBT Motorcycle Training in Chester, North Wales & Wirral

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which is sometimes wrongly known as the CBT Test is available to anyone aged 16 years and over, it is designed to help everybody whatever their experience on a motorcycle.

CBT was introduced to help bring down the accident rate for new and inexperienced riders. Year on year since its introduction it has reduced the accident rate by over 70%. So Compulsory Basic Training is a real success story and as you can see it works!

ProBike provide CBT training for Chester, North Wales and Wirral. We are a Driving Standards Agency Approved Training Body and as such are licenced to deliver your CBT Training.

The day is broken down into the five elements listed below:

  • Element A – Introduction to ProBike and CBT Training, including licence, eyesight check and a chat on safety equipment and clothing
  • Element B – Machine controls and basic routine maintenance checks
  • Element C – Practical on site riding and control exercises
  • Element D – Pre-ride on road rider briefing
  • Element E – Practical on road riding (By law this will be for a minimum 2 hour road ride)

When you attend for your CBT Training Course, the day will begin with an introduction to ProBike and the day ahead. We will have a discussion about the importance of safety equipment, here we will help you to understand what you should be looking for and what you should be watching out for when acquiring your helmet, jacket, gloves and boots etc. It will enable you to make a more informed choice when you go out to buy your own.

On The Training Area

Next we will take you out to your CBT Training Motorcycle, we will show you around it, tell you what it does and what it doesn’t do. We will tell you what we would like you to do with it and what not to do with it.

Then in the safety of the CBT Training area, we cover all the Compulsory Basic Training skills. These include moving off, bringing the bike to a stop using the brakes safely and changing gear.

There will be an emphasis on slow control and slow riding early on. Once you have got that, we’ll progress onto a lesson on observation skills, here we will make sure you know where to look and when, essential before moving off or changing direction on your motorcycle.

From this point we will introduce you to more complex exercises such as junction routines; here we will practice the different types of junction you will encounter on the road. When we’re happy you are at a safe standard to go on the road in terms of control, we’ll go back into the office and have a talk about the way we want you to ride on the road. Defensive riding is the key to staying safe here.

On The Road

Now the main event we’ve been working towards, The Road Ride; we will be on road for a minimum of two hours practicing all the skills we’ve learnt during the day. On successful completion, we will sign off a DL196 CBT certificate; this will allow you to ride on road for a period of two years as a learner.

If you haven’t gone on to pass your practical test within this period you will need to return after the two years and repeat CBT Training. It’s like a repeat prescription and you will have to go through the process again if you wish to continue riding on the road.

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