Manual Handling

The first exercise is to wheel the bike backwards from one coned ‘Parking space’ into another and then put the bike back on its stand, (side or centre-stand is fine) – you can do this in one arc or by way of a three-point-turn if you like, as long as the bike ends up in the other coned area, facing out and you don’t knock any cones over on the way!!

ProBike Manual Handling

ProBike Manual Handling

This may be a problem for some of the more slightly built candidates, who might struggle with this using bigger bikes, you can leave the side-stand down, so this should help with confidence.

However dragging the stand around the tarmac would be a control fault, as would tripping over it!

It’s just something that will need to be practiced and we can offer our expert guidance and tips of how to do this safely and effectively.

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