Hazard Avoidance

Ok, these are three linked exercises, first there’s a bend to negotiate at about 19mph again.

This isn’t speed detected as always but you do need to keep you speed steady and push on a little towards the exit.

Next is the Avoidance exercise, now this is tricky!!

As you exit the bend it’s hard on the gas, to get you to the 50kph minimum speed (32 mph) required. You pass through a set of cones that align you with the speed detection device.

The speed trap has four cones around it to mark its position, as soon as you pass through the speed trap you need to flick flack through two offset blue cones, then it’s a controlled stop and quite a fair distance to do so.

The bike should come to a stop in-between the two blue cones. We were role-playing whilst practicing; I was the student, Bill the instructor. He explained that he wanted me to ride across the car park and enter the bend between the red and blue cones, not a problem you’d think. Thing is, he was looking at one set of cones on one side of the car park; I was looking at the other.

I take a good look around and off I go, across the car park to begin my first circuit, feeling quite pleased with how it had all gone so far, and the fact that I hadn’t dropped any clangers in front of the other instructors. Imagine how I felt as I’m approaching the exit of the bend and realise I’m completely the wrong side of the car park.

I look across to see Bill jumping up and down on his hat and Steve rolling around on the floor laughing... Bugger!

It just goes to show how easy it is to mess up, but we won’t let that happen again!!

After a load of Mickey taking I set off again in the correct direction this time!!

The bend seems much smoother this time; I get on the gas earlier and drive the bike out of the bend. I must say you really have to push it to get to the required speed before the speed trap.

The avoidance exercise is probably the most difficult manoeuvre of all. When we set out the cones and walked the course this looked nothing, at 35mph the skill level required to negotiate this surprised me!!

I bring the bike to rest in the area in-between the blue cones, not too many problems here but the braking is positive. How positive will depend on the speed you manage to achieve.

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